Department of Children English Education, National Taipei University of Education

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Curriculums & Courses

In response to the societal demand for teaching resources, our department has designed a range of specialized subjects related to English teaching in addition to general education courses. Within these specialized courses, there are 16 credits allocated to core courses, including “Introduction to English Linguistics,” “Introduction to Western Children's Literature,” “English Teaching Assessment,” “Language Acquisition,” and “Elementary English Teaching Materials and Methodologies.” The elective courses are divided into four major areas based on their characteristics: Basic English Proficiency, Linguistics, English Teaching, and Literature (with a focus on children's literature). The goal is to cultivate students' professional knowledge in these four areas.

The curriculum planning also focus on developing specialized competencies in teaching English to young learners. These competencies encompass teaching skills in listening, speaking, reading, writing, curriculum design, classroom management, materials development, and teaching assessment. Practical teaching exercises are also integrated into the curriculum. Furthermore, aside from the specialized courses offered by our department, students can select elective courses based on their personal interests from other departments within our university or from external institutions. This cross-departmental or cross-institutional approach is aimed at nurturing the skills required for future career planning and development.

In the future, graduates can choose to pursue a career in elementary school English teaching or align their work with their personal interests and aspirations.

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